• American type opening screens with automatic return and magnetic closer.
  • Made of reinforced aluminum profiles, they are ideal for front doors.
  • Easy montage with plastic connecting corners for 90o cutting or molten aluminum connecting corners for 45o cutting of the profiles.
  • Available with exposed rubbers for easy screen replacement or with a special clasping aluminum profile that hides the rubbers.
  • The mesh is made of «soft» fiberglass that does not decay and is so elastic that may be perfectly stretched on the sash of the door and provides an attractive aesthetical effect.
  • Alternatively, an aluminum screen or a “pet-screen” made of extremely resistant fiberglass may be used, which resists insects as well as the nails of your pet.
  • The possibility to add panels at the lower part of the door or a larger crossbar in the middle facilitates their use even by children or the elderly.
  • The adjustable hinges provide extremely easy installation, as well as removal for storing during the winter months.


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