They may be installed into all kinds of window or door frames.

Offering maximum height up to 2 m and 55 cm for vertically moving screens, maximum width up to 3 m for horizontally moving screens and minimum required space of just 33 mm between the frame and the roller shatter, the wide spectrum of Belco Systems insect screens supplies you with the perfect solution for any type of door or window.

  • A galvanized spring
  • polyamide plastic parts
  • “stiff” fiberglass mesh
  • double-coated tape of 19 mm width
  • and our high-quality materials in general
  • guaranty the smooth operation and durability of our insect screens regardless of the weather conditions.
  • “Mesh Lock” brush ensures extra durability to wind strains.
  • “adjustable speed controller” of the spring allows you to adjust the screen rolling-up speed.
  • The adjoining profile above the case of the vertical system facilitates the installation of the screen outside of the window when we have a shutter that locks with a hook.
  • The “wedge” stopper blocks the horizontal screen at any desirable intermediate point.
  • Easy and safe shutting with magnet or hook.

Four casket models from 33 cm to 41 mm in conjunction with four screen widths from 140 cm to 260 cm and 2 tubes (“economical” 1,2 mm thick and “strengthened” 2 mm thick) constitute a wide spectrum of automatic vertical or horizontal insect screens (single or double leaf). One of them is sure to address your individual needs.


Belco Systems automatic insect screens, horizontal or vertical, are available in the dimensions chosen by the customer, in “do-it-yourself” KITS with standard sizes, as well as in six-meter length bars for professional use.


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